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    From the Guestbook:

    Ailsa Roberts Monday, December 08 2008 – 02:45 AM wow looks like killin has some rain (any to spare?) could you maybe send some to South Australia. It looks so pretty tonight. we have a question though: on the webcam, at the end of the street, what are the flashing lights that travel from one side to the other. (ps over here it is 1330hrs and only 0300 there, so it might be only happening at night.)

    Hi Ailsa,

    The flashing lights are at either end of a pedestrian (zebra?) crossing just outside the Primary School.


    ,Alistair Ferguson

    didn’t vic have a picture of the “zebra crossing” that he can put on the web site,

    I always thought it was a big lorry witha wide load, may even be Santa’s sleigh


    If you do a search for zebra you will find it. They are known to migrate at this time of year and are a lot more common in Africa. Anyone seing one in Killin or any Flashing lights has got to suspect an overdose of Alcihol:eek:. The blue flashing lights are well known side effect of too much drink!:cool:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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