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    My paternal great-great-great grandfather Duncan Fraser died in Killin (Monomore or Monemore?) in 1867 aged 85. ( I presume he was born 1781/2) I don’t know if he was also born there. He was a master blacksmith, as was his father, John Fraser. Duncan was married to a Catherine Robertson and John to a Janet MacMillan or McMillian. That’s as far as I can get, the only date I have is Duncan’s death. (apart from Duncan’s daughter’s marriage in Killin to a blacksmith born in Fortingall) As well as learning more about the people named above, I would like to try to trace back the Frasers as far as possible.

    Any information or advice would be appreciated. I have searched Parish entries on the ‘scotlandspoeple’ website for the above names but to no avail. (They only have births and marriages online, no deaths, and no images of entries) Where could I access Killin Parish Entries?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.



    ,Margaret Christie


    There are no official records of deaths for the Parish of Killin before 1855. Compulsory registration of births, deaths and marriages for Scotland began in 1855. Before that date, it was not compulsory for people to register the events.

    The Genealogical Dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints have the Old Parochial Registers covering births and marriages for the various Parishes on film. If you live near one of their libraries they will get the film for the Parish which can be hired for a set period of time for a small price.

    The Film Number for the Old Parochial Register 1687 – 1854 for the Parish of Killin is 1040118 Microfilm Item No. 2-4. [You might like to check this out with the people at the library]. There are no records for marriages between 1717 and 1782 for the Parish of Killin.

    All the best with your research,


    Hello Margaret

    My apologies for not replying to your response to my message months ago… My computer died on me and I didn’t have one for a long time. Have only just got back to this website and had to re-register with different username etc., and my new email address, as didn’t know any other way to get back into the Forum.

    Thanks for you information. I am so disappointed there are no Killin marriage records for 1717-1782… I wonder why… ? I have been searching for a long time and all in vain! I now know my g.g.g.g/father Duncan Fraser (blacksmith) was baptised Jan 1783, eldest of 6 children, so his parents would have married during this “lost” period.

    Visited the old graveyard last July but it was knee-high in grass and I have mobility problems. Also many gravestones not legible, or face down. Had hoped to find some Frasers. But I did find Duncan’s daughter Janet Fraser who married Alexander McFarlane who appears to have inherited the Killin blacksmith business, so all was not lost. Also found their home.

    Thanks again for your response which I appreciated.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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