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    I have a small Mauchline ware match holder (its one of a type of wooden souvenir ware produced in Ayrshire, but with pictures of the “tourist” area where it was to be sold.)

    The picture is of Glenlochay House, and my great grandmother bought it when she was in service. Later on she was a housekeeper in Kent, but she may not have been at the time she was in Scotland, perhaps a housemaid or similar. Her name was Minnie Nickels, and it would have been in the early 1890’s.

    My questions are:
    Can anyone tell me anything about Glenlochay House at this time, who owned it, etc?
    How may staff did they have?
    Or could she have worked at another house, I’m thinking of Kinnell or Auchmore?
    Any info much appreciated!

    ,Iain Campbell

    Glenlochay House at this time i think would have been part Breadalbane Estate. It is today known at Borland House


    Interesting , my Aunt Mabel was in service at Auchmore house in the 1890s married a local man (William Walker) and lived the rest of her life in Killin but was originally from Kent. Auchmore House had an underground passage linking the House to the servants quarters so that the refined owners were spared the sight of the lower orders coming and going


    Do you think there’s a connection Cameron? My Great-grandmother was from Kent too – do you think there was some sort of recruitment drive going on down there? What was your aunt’s single name?

    If you know any more about Borland in the 1890’s, let me know. When I lived in Killin someone, can’t remember who, said they had a photo of all the staff at the time, but I never saw it.


    Hi, Teresa, My Aunt’s maiden name was Duke and it would seem reasonable to suppose that the local “domestics” would be known to each other . She had a life long friend from Kent called Winnie Cornish, and I like you remember seeing a photograph of the servants from Auchmore (not in my case Borland). Borland is, and, I think was, in the hands of the Stroyan family and may have a record of their old retainers. They are approachable people and the current owner is a George Stroyan or perhaps it is still in the hands of his father Judge Stroyan.

    Good luck, Cameron


    Whoops , Teresa ,should of course be Boreland House sorry Cameron


    Thanks Cameron, I’ll try that.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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