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    I haven’t been on for a while so apologies for that. My wife and I were back in Scotland last November but it was a rushed trip as my Brother In law passed away suddenly.
    We were there for 3 weeks and I planned to get to Killin but with the funeral and reluctant to leave my sister it did not happen.

    We did have as good a time as was possible under the circumstances and it was so lovely to catch up with all my family back in Scotland.

    When I mentioned that I would like to go to Killin to my sister and other people they had no idea where it was or had never heard of it, I find that strange as here is me coming from Australia and having fond memories of Killin and wanting to go back but people in Glasgow have no idea where it is?

    My friends and I used to get the bus to Stirling and then hitch hike from there to Calender and through Killmahog { hope I am getting this right as it was many years ago } and into Killin. We camped on the shores of Loch Tay and walked a track over a bridge into the main street. As said fond memories and we will get there….Best wishes..Ronnie.


    sorry that you had to return in such circumstances, but enjoyed the trip nevertheless.you are right on the route and maybe next time return to killin , see if you note any changes,regards sandra


    Thanks Sandra, we did have a good time after the funeral but didn’t go to far, we did go to Loch Lomond for a meal and to Maiden, hope that is spelt correctly, to my sisters caravan but only to close it up for Winter.
    I took my wife to all the old haunts that as a teenager I frequented and she loved the experience. It was my wife’s first time to Scotland….Cheers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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