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    Greetings from a regular visitor, thought you might be interested in the following article which appeared in the Hordley and Bagley Newsround after our visit last year, he really is someone you can all be proud of:-

    Hospitality still survives.

    During our annual ‘expedition’ to all parts North of the border this year we encountered something that along with many species of our wildlife sadly appears to be heading for extinction. In the village of Killin on the banks of Loch Tay we were suddenly attacked with a strong dose of good old fashioned hospitality.
    We had visited the area when passing through in previous years, the difference this time was that we were actually staying nearby and instead of paying a quick visit to the normal ‘touristy’ haunts we were able to explore the village a little more. During a visit to the Breadalbane Mill to see the interactive story of St Fillin we noticed a gentleman dressed in a period highland costume standing on the raised walkway by the old mill wheel, the lady inside told us that he was giving hourly talks on what life was like for the highlanders in the 17th century so we decided to go along and listen.
    Fascinating doesn’t come into it, even the children stood completely transfixed by his tales , (factual stories not Hollywood myths as he was quick to point out) of how the highlanders struggled to survive in those bleak days, his talk was accompanied by a demonstrations of highland weapons and everyday ‘survival’ tips, the whole woven into a brilliant hour long discourse that really brought history alive.
    When the talk was over we stayed on to chat and sign his visitors book (the powers that be needed feedback to see if it was worth repeating!!!!!) and discovered that he had a huge knowledge of the local area and had even mapped out a historical walk which was not yet available, however on discovering our love for history and the amount of exploring we did every year it was agreed that weather permitting he would take us on his walk the following Friday.
    We met as agreed in a local hostelry to fortify ourselves for the trek ahead, all good local dishes, venison pie, Angus steak and ale pie and at about 2.00 set out on the walk which led us down country lanes, pathways and across fields from historical site to historical site, each stop accompanied by a local legend or historical tale, much to the amusement of other walkers who happened to pass by as the tale of the Crannog people and the boy who let the fire go out and was sent up the mountain to get fire from the fire witch was being dramatically told to our small enthralled group, (we even rescued some baby frogs and lizards that had fallen into a beheading pit).
    The walk took about an hour and took us to places that we just wouldn’t have found on our own, (not least because some gates were marked private keep out) and then to round off the day our host insisted that we return with him to his house for a wee dram of friendship.
    Proof indeed that hospitality is not dead and gone but survives in places like Killin and in people like Scotty Wilson, historian, story teller extraordinaire and a gentleman through and through.
    Scotty we wish you a very merry Xmas and a happy new year. Thank you for making our holiday special.

    Mark, Harriet, Molly, Fern, Jason and Barry.

    Hear hear, I’d love to have been on the walk with them.

    There’s so many memories in this area that will be forgotten as the years go by and it’s people like Scotty who keep these memories alive.

    Big G

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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