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    ,Gary Hutchison

    I would enjoy hearing from others whose families left the Killin area during the clearances regardless of where they went. I wish to get some idea of the circumstances of their leaving, and how they arrived in the new lands. My families left the Killin area in 1799 and came to the United States.


    My Killin families [Robertson and McNab] emigrated to Victoria Australia on the David Clark in 1839. It was the first bounty ship to arrive in Victoria [Melbourne] with free settlers from Scotland. Ewen Robertson was a young single man born in Killin. He married Janet McNab who was also on the ship with her family. Both the Robertsons and the McNabs were seen as pioneers.They lived at Tirarthur [at least the Robertsons did] and when they set themselves up in Victoria named their properties after locations in Scotland [Breadalbane etc].

    I too would very much like to know more of the circumstances [social history of the times] of their emigration in 1839 to Australia.

    ,John Clark


    My family (Clark) lived in Killin until about 1836/9; after having several children born in Killin and Kenmore between 1824 and 1836, their youngest child was born in 1839 in Forgandenny, which is about 35 miles east-south-east of Killin as the crow flies and about 5 miles south west of Perth. The branch that I’m descended from stayed there only one generation before moving again, this time to Glasgow, which was the main destination within Scotland for those cleared off the land. Although not as far-flung as the USA or Australia, the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Highlanders cleared off their lands, together with a similar influx from Ireland fleeing the potato famine powered the growth of Glasgow in the second half of the 19th century, turning it into the second largest city in the British Empire and the largest ship-building centre in the world.

    I know very little of John Clark, the father of this family, but something of the mother, Mary McDiarmid. Curiously, given Beth’s post, her family also lived in Tir Arthur for a time, where Mary was born in 1797, the daughter of John McDiarmid and Katherine McNaughtan (originally from Fortingall).


    I too am related to a Clark/McDiarmid union, but different one from you John. My ancestors were Archibald Clark(e), born Killin and Anne McDiarmid who married in 1831 and had a son Peter Clark(e) (born Killin) in 1840 who is my ggg grandfather. other children that i know of were John Clark(e) and Janet Clark(e).

    In 1841 my gggg grandparents were living in tomour a township near carie, they were still there in 1851, by which time another family were also living in tomour – the McDiarmids, Donald, Catherine, Janet with their nieces jane Christie and Catherine Christie. Im not sure what the relation is between these McDiarmids and Anne McDiarmid Archibald Clark’s wife.

    In 1861, Anne seems to be gone and the family are a little dispersed by Archibald Clark is showing as living at 3 corwhin, with the mcDiarmids living at 4 corwhin.

    By 1871, Archibald Clark is showing as living at Blarmore (i understand that this may be the name tomour was previously known by.

    By 1881, my GGG Peter Clark was living in Monkland/Coatridge, and his daughter, Ann Clark moved to live in Fife, where i live now.



    Mc Nab & Campbell Families.
    My relations Angus Mc Nab born in Killin 1773 and Mary Campbell his wife born in 1798 emigrated to Australia in the early 1810’s.They had 10 Children.Janet,John,Donald,Duncan,Mary,Margaret,Catherine,Finlay,Christina & Angus. They settled in the area around Tullamarine where the Melbourne Airport now stands. Angus Died in 1858 and Mary in 1847. Their son Duncan Married Margaret Mcpherson and they also had 10 children.Margaret,Angus,Margaret Catherine,John William,Jessie my Great,Great Grandmother,Duncan Grant,William,Catherine and Findlay Ewan. Duncan died in 1895 and Margaret in 1891. At the WilWil Rook Pioneer Cemetry there is a Pioneer Park and there is a Memorial Stones and graves there. I would like to find out who Angus Mc Nab’s family were and who Mary Campbell’s family were.


    Hi Beth,
    When did Ewan Marry Janet Mc Nab. ?Do you know where they lived?. A few of the Mc Nabs are buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery and Maldon Cemetry.
    . Finlay ,& Colin Mc Nab who are relations lived in the Essendon area. Finlay was a High Court judge Colin was also a solicitor. There is also a Angus also a solicitor at present. The Mc Nab married a Starke and there was a Starke a few generations back.


    My grea great great grand parents, Hugh McDougall and Janet McDiarmid emigrated from Tombreck – a farm just east of Killin on the north side of Loch Tay to New brunswick Canada in 1817.

    Hugh was schoolmaster of a “Charity School” at Craggenester in the district of Crannich. These schools had been established in the poorer areas of the country. Part of their upkeep was paid out of a fund established for that purpose by a bequest of Lady Glenarchy and the Rev. Archibald Campbell. The amount allotted to the school at Craggenester annually was 225 Marks (Scottish) – about $67 Canadian.

    At the time that Hugh emigrated he had a brother, Alexander, in Halifax NS. There is a letter in the family from Alexander to Hugh. In it Alexander states that he had included a letter to Hugh “about 12 months ago” in a Letter to the Rev. Mr. McDougall of Killin. Alexander goes on to advise Hugh not to emigrate at his age (57). There are also letters to Jane(t) from I believe a sister commenting on the clearnaces “another 6 families left…etc”. Hugh set up a school shortly after arriving -bought afarm and lived abother 10 years. His wife Jane(t) lived another 35 years and she accumulated land – likely influenced by not owning land in the old country.

    Hugh’s sister Kate also emigrated – and travelled between Hugh’s on the Miramichi Bay in New Brunswick and Alexander’s in Halifax and someo f his children in Pictou NS.

    I have not been able to connect with any relatives left behind in Scotland – and to date not connected to any descendents of Alexander

    Richard MacDougall

    ,Gail Venner

    Hello Everyone,

    I have spent several years researching my family connection to Loch Tay. My ggg grandparents were;
    Hugh Carry McEwen b. Nov 25, 1800, Perthshire
    Christine Cameron b. 1803, Perthshire
    They were married March 23, 1828, Fortingall.

    How they came to leave Loch Tay I have yet to discover but the children I know of were born between 1833 and 1848 in Glengarry Co., Charlottenburgh Twp., Ontario, Canada. Possibly they joined a group of settlers already living on the St. Regis Iroquois Indian Lands near Martintown. The male names used by the McEwen’s were Hugh, John and Peter.

    About 1850 they moved into western Ontario to Tiverton in Bruce Co. where Hugh and Christine died and are buried along with other members of the family. My gg grandfather Hugh Cameron McEwen b. 1836 then moved his family further west into Manitoba in 1871 with the Walter Lynch party settling in Portage la Prairie. In 1877 he homesteaded in Strathclair but died shortly after in 1879.

    Other family connections to people from Loch Tay include;
    McLaren, John Duncan b. 1804 Duncrack
    McDiarmid, Hugh b.1846 Elgin Co. Ontario (John Muir McDiarmid b.1813 & Hugh McDiarmid b. 1778)
    Stewart, David Seton b. 1825 Glen Lyon
    Stewart, Donald A. b. 1832 Glen Lyon

    I have been looking closely at the Balnasuim Farm from the 1769 survey where Hugh McEwen and Donald Cameron were among the tenants but cannot conclude anything.

    If anyone has any connections to these families or knows their history prior to 1800 I would appreciate hearing from them.

    Gail Venner

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