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    ,killin visitor

    I heard news that this year’s Killin Hogmanay Fireworks may be the last due to sponsorship withdrawel. As someone who travels for the spectacle (and puts money in the buckets) I think this would be a shame.
    Does anyone else share this view and can anyone shed any light on its ongoing viability?


    I think it would be awful if the fireworks were no longer happening as a New Year Celebration, What can we do to make sure they keep happening? I don’t get home often for New Year but I certainly want to be able to see the Fireworks the next time I am lucky enough to spend New Year in Killin, I have certainly spent around 25-30 Hogmany celebrations in Killin, and the Fireworks were a very welcome addition.


    Can I just thank you for your Birthday Greetings, I had a lovely time for my “BIG 60” with family & friends, and look forward to being in Killin again next year!! Hope you all have a great 2010!!!


    Killin should try and keep the fireworks somehow…How about an international appeal? I mean, there are a few ex Killin people spread around the planet.I think the short coming is about a 1000 pounds? I did put money in the bucket this year and had I realised how much the short coming was, I would have put in more!!


    The fireworks were started on Hogmanay1999 by the elected millenium committee, and after four displays with Richard Shand doing the needful with ordering and controlling the fisrworks it was time to disband and the Community Council were to take it on. A full account was given and some funds.
    However there have been many rumblings about no funds etc. but equally the organiser Charlie Grant requires to publish an income and expenditure so that everyone can see what is required and if as it seems, money is required then something could be done.
    There is the will to keep the fireworks going but the village requires more information on funds before it is too late.
    I for one would not wish to see the fireworks cease.


    Received from Mrs Sheila Watt through my door this afternoon

    Sheila Watt wrote:
    I wanted to reply to a letter written by Alex Stewart refering to the fireworks and I agree it would be a shame if they were not to continue but we have to recognise the commitment and the financial commitment this intails.

    As a village are you willing to work as a body to make it possible every year there has to be people and finances. It does not just fall from the sky.

    From what I was lead to believe

    1. The funds left over were dispersed by the Millennium Committee so one would have to start again with raising funds.
    2. The Community Council were never required to take over.
    3. Charlie Grant was asked by local people to restart the fireworks and he did by gathering funds with the help of friends.
    4. People were asked to go on committee but seemingly there was no interest as they were going to be involved with family at this festive season but please if one wishes this to continue as a yearly event can there not be a system where we all take turns year by year and not the same people. Once there is a system put in place that could be followed you are halfway there.
    5. The village would also I imagine have to raise funds through out the year to enable the fireworks to be bought.
    6. I am sure you would all agree that thte same person organising this every year would not be fair. The village have to be singing off the same hymn sheet!!!
    7. Charlie Grant has gone the extra mile from what I have been led to believe.
    8. Question does the village deserve to have fireworks if they are not willing to give a hand. By rota allowing family and friends enjoy and let it add to the festive season. There seems to be letters of grateful thanks from abroad and I certainly heard good reports about the fireworks.
    9. Come on Killin go for it ask Charlie to get some people together who will be people of their word and not let him down it does not just happen there is work involved
    10. Should there be a committee and commitment ??????

    Yours sincerely Sheila Watt (Telephone number supplied)



    With regard to the Killin Fireworks, I have unfortunately been unable to attend for the last three years, however it would be a real shame if they were not to continue due to lack of funds.
    I have had experience of trying to collect funds from local people in previous years and this is not an easy task. I take my hat off to Charlie Grant for managing to keep the funds rolling in by running dances etc. I’m sure if anyone would like to help Charlie, and see how much work is involved, you would be most welcolme. Most of the work involved is in setting up the site for the fireworks and then the clearing up after the celebration also the next day. The lack of help is as much a problem as the raising of funds to buy the fireworks.
    If this event becomes too regulated it will involve too many procedures which will evlove into excessive costs. I think the idea of a committee is good, however it may cause more regulations than needed. The simpler the better SO is anybody willing to help.

    ,killin visitor

    I’m glad my initial response has provoked a discussion. The present organisation should be praised for a wonderful event which keeps Killin’s sense of community. Whether the finances of an event are open to scrutiny depends on the nature of the event. If it ended up being a truly community event, in that the responsibility was shared by a wide group of the community, then the argument for open accounts would be valid. however it would appear from reading replies to my initial thought that this is not the case, as it seems to be left, in the main, to an individual and the support of his friends and family. If that is the situation, I will not question the allocation of the funds. If I’m satisfied with the return (i.e. the pleasure) I get from my donations, then I’m happy to put my hand in my pocket. If the community do not want the fireworks they need not support it, which I think would be a shame.
    The initial query was based on a rumour that the fireworks may not continue. If the individual who organises it is looking for more support, and is happy to open it up to the community, then it would be appropriate for that group to say ‘we would be involved in return for it being a community event with open figures’, whilst it remains the ‘burden’ of one person, it is not reasonable to make demands on them in advance. For the long-term sustainabilty of the event (or any event) a committee with sufficient interest and time is possibly something that should be considered, especially if the present incumbent does not feel valued or wishes others to take ‘a shot’.
    I, for one, am happy to thank them for staying sober long enough to get this done, and will continue to put my money into the bucket in return for a great event and atmosphere.

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