Killin ‘Marred’ by Local’s Driving Ability and Actions??

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    Guestbook wrote:
    Observer Tuesday, September 15 2009 – 12:11 AM
    the coach i was travelling on demolished a bollard on saturday because what i assume to be locals blocked the bus turning circle wih thier inconsiderate parking. i left with a very negative impression of your village and the antics of idiots on the bridge while our driver tried to negotiate what is a tricky piece of road in a large vehicle left a lot e desired. all in all a lovely place marred by idiots blocking a turning circle and trying to commit hari cari on what is after all first and formost a road (i dont know why the driver never got annoyed)

    Lyn Marlow (Birmingham)

    Why would you assume a local would park in the middle of a bus turning circle? This is completely unfair as it surely could have been anybody!

    So in defence of the locals being tarred by your brush…

    Surely if the moving coach demolished a bollard trying to avoid a parked car then it is the coach in the wrong?? Fair enough you obviously shouldn’t park on a turning circle, but then if you can’t get through with with your vehicle then you don’t go knocking down bollards willy nilly! What if it had been a child?? Do you get a get out of jail free card when you gain bus driving qualifications on your driving license?? Maybe your bus should have been equipped with a bull dozer to make plowing through our village easier and a more comfortable ride!?

    In my view the ‘antics of idiots on the bridge’ could easily be blamed upon what your coach is in place to serve, tourists, not locals!

    What is it they say about assuming, ass.. you… me.. I can’t remember!

    This brings up another point that annoys me further, why do people feel the need to drive in the middle of the road whilst out and about in the countryside? I have lost count of the number of emergency stops I have had to make due to oncoming MPVs with 6 geet either side of them blocking the whole road whilst gazing out the side window at a sheep. Can we assume, as locals, that they are all ‘inconsiderate’ tourists, or perhaps they are all bus drivers who wouldn’t have to drive in the middle of the road if the sheep weren’t in an inconsiderate position to see?! This would leave a very negative impression on tourists and bus drivers as a whole!

    That’s better…

    Big G

    ,Dougie Gray

    I’m with you boss. Perhaps the driver didn’t “get annoyed” because, as a professional, he realised that in rural locations vehicles and pedestrians have to use the same piece of the world to go about their day.
    In any event the pedestrian generally has right of way, something big city dwellers sometimes forget in their haste to be about their very important business.
    Toot toot!

    ,hamish snape

    that is ,you are makeing ,a ass out of you ,while trying to make one out of me.English,say’s it all:drive:

    ,Mags Campbell

    How does this disgruntled visitor know it was a local who was parked in the turning circle? Could just as easily have been a fellow visitor. I would also remind the same disgruntled visitor that driving across the bridge can often be a highly dangerous experience because of stupid tourists who seem to forget they are on a main road and just step back from the bridge or whatever without looking first and then stare at the drivers as if they are the idiots.

    I would also say that if a visit to a village is marred by a one-off bus turning experience it doesn’t say much for the individual. Get a life!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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