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    ,Alistair Ferguson

    Had a Sikh stop me in the street today asking the way to the old graveyard as he was looking for a monument to a Singh, a fellow Sikh in the graveyard. Directed him to the graveyard but could not enlighten him about the monument, any one got information on this?

    ,Iain Campbell

    Aye yes, i thing i seen the fellow, blocking the road up to the Firestation when i needed in!!!… Can’t thing of any names from the old kirk yard…. Must take a look again sometime. Did you get a name from him?

    ,Alistair Ferguson

    singh, did not get the other name, but can’t see there being too many of them in the killin old graveyard can you


    I had a tour of the old graveyard a while ago and took photos of the decipherable stones. Attached is a rough text file list of the names and dates attached. There is not a decipherable Sing there, could it be at Kenmore and not Killin?

    ,Alistair Ferguson

    Duleep Singh’ the last Maharajah of the Punjab and presented the Koh i nor diamond to Queen vic ? one of his sons may be in the kenmore graveyard, but our visitors were looking for some reference to the man himself in the old grave/ church / yard or churh
    On his return from Europe in 1855 he was given an annual pension, and was officially under ward of Sir John Spencer Login and Lady Login, who leased Castle Menzies in Perthshire, Scotland for him. He spent the rest of his teens there but at 19 he demanded to be in charge of his household, eventually, he was given this and an increase in his annual pension. In 1858 the lease expired and Duleep Singh rented the house at Auchlyne from the earl of Breadalbane. He was remarkable in the area as the first Indian prince to visit Scotland, and soon earned the nickname the “Black Prince of Perthshire”. He was known for a lavish lifestyle, shooting parties, and a love of dressing in highland costume. (At the same time, he was known to have gradually developed a sense of regret for his circumstances in exile, including some inner turmoil about his conversion to Christianity and his forced departure from the Punjab). His mother stayed in Perthshire with him for a short time, before he purchased the Grandtully Estate, near Pitlochry. Following the deaths of his mother and John Login in 1863, he returned to England [1].
    Auchlyne House was rented in 1858 by “The Black Prince”, as the Perthshire locals called Maharajah Duleep Singh [3], the first Indian prince to visit Scotland. His father was Ranjit Singh, the legendary Lion of the Punjab, who ruled the Sikh kingdom in India. He took Auchlyne from Lord Breadalbane when his lease of Castle Menzies expired, but returned to India in 1860.


    Does anyone else know that Singh is not a name, it is what we call a title, that’s why there are so many of them. Bit like asking to see the ‘Master’.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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