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    What do you think of a webcam of the Falls? Ideally perhaps two webcams, ok I’m being adventurous. One of a general falls vista and another for fish leaping.
    Perhaps the computers being housed in the tourist information building? If it was thought to be a good idea who would be the best person to follow this up? I think this would make an excellent tourist attraction. Would this (and perhaps a community wifi project) be suitable for a grant from the local community development fund? The article in Killin News doesn’t clearly specify what project qualify but this type of project to me would have benefits for a) locals b) visitors and c) tourism. If it does qualify we would need to apply soon. I would happily be involved however I will be away most of December on business.


    I guess you should talk to John McPherson of the Community Council. There may be a grant available for webcams, either from Community pot, or from Scottish Enterprise Tourism fund, but I am confident there will not be a grant for community wifi.


    We have thought about a Webcam before for the KWS but hit a few snags along the way.

    We would need a view which interested the visitors as well as having secure housing for the equipment. We thought about the falls from the Clachaig, Main Street from a house window etc etc. To be honest these views don’t change often enough to warrant the expense and trouble of a ‘live’ webcam and the changes that do occur are usually covered with still photos in our Gallery.

    We even went as far as thinking about a grant for a ‘wireless mobile webcam’ setup which we could use for village events but this was a few years ago and ended up a lot more costly and inefficient than what could be set up now. The basic setup of which consisted of a good webcam connected to a laptop with mobile access to the net. This setup would be of more interest to our visitors rather than a never ending view of the Falls of Dochart however this would also take up a lot of time for the team running the Cam. We spend a lot of time as it is working on this site and running a mobile webcam would probably be asking too much in between juggling it with ‘day jobs’ (nobody would want to go to a dance and stand at a laptop for five hours while everyone else enjoyed themselves).

    The setup that we use just now where we use still digital cameras at events and upload the images soon after we are sober again seems to be the best idea. It seems to work well for us and our server logs. We have upgraded our Gallery to be more ‘Webmaster friendly’ and it does most of the work for us when adding more images.

    These were the feelings that prevented us from following through on the webcam project here on the KWS and the better options that suited us at this time. That doesn’t mean however that a webcam wouldn’t be viable and of interest for another group…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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