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    This was from BBC Radio Scotland’s broadcast of Scotland Today on Wed 3rd Oct 2007

    Do you think that Killin’s Youth Hostel should close?

    ,Mags Campbell

    Residents of Killin may not be aware that the Scottish Youth Hostel Assoc last year opened a new “hostel” on Leith Walk, Edinburgh. This was a massive undertaking. It was, I think, previously the offices of an insurance company or some such thing. Anyway the hostel is situated on the corner of Leith Walk & Annandale Street, is about five stories high and covers half a block of Leith Walk. The capital investment must have been huge and I just wonder if it was more than they had expected. Therefore they are now opting to sell off hostels such as Killin in order to reduce their capital commitment. Any thoughts?

    Mags Campbell


    I am more concerned about what will happen to the building. If the YHA aren’t interested in investing in the property then they should sell it and maybe, just maybe, someone will buy it and bring it up to scratch. Or would you rather the buidling deteriorate because the owners can’t be bothered to invest in it. There have been too many of these in Killin in the past. Things have improved with a number of buildings, Coach House, Bridge of Lochay, Craigard, Riverview etc. There are still more that need work. Maybe an investor will buy it and turn it into a bunk house. It’s the walkers I feel sorry for, they are the ones who are going to miss out.

    ,Mags Campbell

    Vic, I think you may have misunderstood me. I have no objection to SYHA opening a big centre in the capital. In fact I think its a very good thing but not at the expense of the rest of the country. Why have they failed to invest in the Killin Youth Hostel and others over the years and why are they selling off the family silver now? I suspect Killin is not the only hostel they are considering closing. Why have they chosen to go down this route rather that invest in these hostels. As you are well aware we are not situated within the West Highland Way which puts us at a disadvantage not just in terms of the Youth Hostel. I firmly believe Killin is being sacrificed in favour of the big metropolis which is not right.


    :zyesno:Would it be such a bad thing for the youth hostel to close down? The original intentions of hostelling was to enable young people with limited funds to enjoy the outdoors. Often I see fairly new Mercedes, Porche, BMW’s parked at the Killin Youth Hostel, which would indicate it was hardly being used by hikers in need of a bed for the night. Perhaps its closure would enable the many hotels in the village – which all have higher overheads than the Youth Hostel and provide employment for villagers – to survive, make some profit and invest in improvements which would undoubtedly be to the benefit of the village. Also its closure would be to the advantage of villagers who provide a B&B service to visitors. Closure of the youth hostel would be a win, win senario for Killin.


    I agree with Linda’s observations, however, the community should make sure that if it doesnt sell, the SYHA continue to maintain it.
    The result otherwise will be another eyesore like Costcutters at the other end of the village and the station carpark in the middle.


    The closure of the hostel will help the B&B and hotels in the village. With so many business properties currently for sale it is obvious there is not enough business in the village to support them.


    Yeah, and unfortunately we all turned vegitarian a couple of years back which caused the butchers to close! But that was good news for the G man.

    2 guest houses are up for sale but they both make good profits and the sales are nothing to do with trade, the hotel is up for sale for a totally different reason, check with the selling agents before making wild assumptions. I don;t see why it is so OBVIOUS!!

    The closure of the Hostel has nothing to do with local accommodation needs or the lack of trade and I can’t see it’s closure making any difference to the village B&B trade, it caters for a different market to the Guest Houses and B&Bs.


    Hi folx

    thought i posted this the other night but i cant find it
    just thought id say hello:smilinem:

    me an the missus have been to Killin few times an really love the area we live in Kyle of Lochalsh
    last time we were there, there was a building for sale it looked like it used to be a post office and cafe/store an i think it used to have petrol pumps
    and there is a car park behind it

    ive tried to find it on-line but to no avail

    can any one help?

    id like to know the selling agents tel no and web add if poss

    thanx a lot



    Well me an the missus have been lookin at gettin a hostel of late and have had a look at a few of the syha ones for sale and the killin one is one we are waiting to come on the market so we can go have a look around and maybe buy it.

    has anyone got photos of it or can anyone tell me more about it
    ie is there any outbuildings
    what condition is it inside and out
    any work thats been done over the last few years
    inside info would be good to if someone has worked there:smilinem:

    ,Alistair Ferguson

    if you go to the lists on the left , village guides, Accommodation, hostels in the drop down list it will give you an outside shot


    The property is being sold by Graham & Sibbald in Stirling but details are not on their web site.


    Thanx anyway:smilinem:


    In case Onefut is still looking and hasn’t found it the SYHA hostel is available for offers over £345,000, see :

    for details.


    Thanx for the info mate
    we have decided to hang fire till we have our house ready for the market, unless someone comes an makes us an offer as it is:greenback

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