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    We had the pleasure of visiting Killin a couple of years ago. To this day we consider Killin the loveliest village we visited the entire time we were in Scotland. We met a friend while we were there. Her name was Fiona and she had a soup, sandwich, gift shop on your main street. She also had a son whose name was Ross (I think). I wondered if anyone knows how I might get in touch with her. We exchanged emails but the last few I sent her generated no replies. I’d really like to know how she is doing and how her son is.


    99 views in a week? Come on folks. Your little village isn’t that big. I’m sure she will remember us. Surely somebody must know her. I just wanted to say hi and know that she and Ross are OK.

    ,Iain Campbell

    Yep Fiona and Ross are doing ok and still living in Killin, the next time i bump into her i will let her know you are asking after them…

    (Killin Web Site)


    Thank you so much. Please tell her to use my lou_in_va@yahoo.com and send me an email. I so miss corresponding with her. Such a sweet girl.


    did you ever get in touch with fiona, as i am now again working with her oldest son kyle and could pass on a message to get in touch.



    Just tell her James and Lou from Virginia think of her often and hope she is having a happy life. We still miss Scotland and hope to come back for another visit some day.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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