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    ,David McNaughtan

    I recently purchased a reprint of “The Highlanders of Scotland” containing the watercolours from Kenneth MacLeay..
    One of the prints has two Killin lads, Robert MacNab and Donald MacNaghton
    Robert MacNab’s grt grt grandfather Peter, was Laird of Acharn and fought at Culloden on the Stuart side.
    I have had this print on my wall for many years, and was so pleased to pick up a copy of the book.
    More details on the print can be found here.

    If you check out the article, you will see the addenda notes in 1874, stating that a John MacNaghton was the sitter. This is not correct.
    I have the death record of Donald, who “supposedly drowned” in Anderston, Glasgow 1868-69.
    His wife Christian Hunter was the informant.
    1881 census
    Dwelling: Ardchyle
    Census Place: Killin, Perth, Scotland
    Marr Age Sex Birthplace
    Christian MC NAUGHTON W 62 F Killin, Perth, Scotland
    Rel: Head
    Occ: Crofter
    Donald MC NAUGHTON U 22 M Killin, Perth, Scotland
    Rel: Son
    Occ: Son
    Janet MC NAUGHTON U 20 F Killin, Perth, Scotland
    Rel: Daur
    Occ: Daughter
    Maggie MC RAE 6 F Killin, Perth, Scotland
    Rel: Grand Daur
    Occ: Scholar
    Donald MC RAE 4 M N Queensferry, Fife, Scotland
    Rel: Grandson
    John MC NAB U 50 M St Fillans, Perth, Scotland
    Rel: Lodger
    Occ: Gardiner Labourer

    But don’t go buying the print, as I have already scanned it from the book, and it prints out well on A4 and not too bad on A5.
    I am quite happy to e-mail it to any interested parties, free,, a Killin Lochtaysider’s favourite price.
    For yoose of a wary nature, the book is out of copy write.


    Hi David,
    I am David Osler and now live backin Killin (for the 3rd time, keep leaving then realise what I am missing). I am wondering if you are the David McNaughtan that used to live in Killin? especially as your age is the same as mine. In any case I would love a copy of your print, my email address is I have a copy of the 1881 census and have found many interesting facts about Killin fro people from it.

    nice to speak to you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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