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    Hello – I’m looking for people connected to a Malloch familiy from Killin.
    John Malloch /Katrin McGrigor had John (1730 0r1728) who married Margaret McVean.
    who in turn had Moses b 1763. Moses married a McMartin from Scotland in the Albany, NY area in 1788, and I visited the house they built (1790) which is still occupied. Later, Moses’ brother Capt James Malloch b1772 joined them in Western NY, Riga/Wheatland. I have have posted the transcriptions of both of their wills, which connect Mallochs in the US. Moses’s son John married a Scot (Mc Naughton) and his son Moses J in turn married a first generation McNab. My father grew up in this family, still speaking Gaelic. If anyone is connected to the Mallochs, and there were several families there in the mid 1700’s , please reply.
    Janet Malloch

    ,kay liney

    I am descended from John Malloch and Janet McVurich (McPherson) who lived in Tomour on Carwhin Estate. John Malloch was born around 1749 but I do not know who his parents were. My Malloch family lived in the area until at least 1940

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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