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    My mum was a Mclaren born and raised in Lochearnhead.
    Her ancestors came from
    Blairliargan Morenish by the side of Loch tay.
    I have birth, death and marriage cerificates of most Mclarens who lived there and the families they married into etc.
    I have census returns of most of the families also.
    My other names of my ancestors are Mcgregor Macpherson and McMartin.

    Could anyone tell me where
    Blairliargan was?
    I have visited Killin several times and alway love my visits .


    Can’t find a Blairliargan, but there is a Blairmore on Carrie. Could be worth checking out and see if they know. ‘Liargan’ is hillside so it could be close by and there are a lot of old settlements on Carrie that have yet to be surveyed.
    Will keep looking to see if there is more definitive info available.


    Thanks Dolan,
    On the 1841 census that I have of my family in Blarliargan there are a few other families there but looking down the page the next locality next to Blarliargan is Edermurky, I don’t know if I have spelt that right.
    There were quite a few families on that hillside and they were farmers and farm labourers.
    Thanks again for your help,


    Hi Dolan
    On line of my Mclarens came from Tombreck.
    I have clicked onto the Tombreck website just to see the area.
    Thanks again


    Edramucky! It’s next to Kiltyrie which is next to Carie which is next to Tombreck, so you are definitely looking at the right area.


    Dizzylamb… have you seen farquharson’s maps of the area made in 1769?

    Im going to the national archives scotland on Monday -i’ll have a look at the maps and see if i can see Blairliargan on them.

    I’ll get back to you once i’ve been.

    i think – from memory, that it’s to the south east of tomour township

    Oh!! ive edited this link as I just went to the NAS online opac search and got the following results:

    Details GD112/11/3/2/74
    Memorial and petition of Donald MacIntyre, flaxdresser in Tomachrocker in Deishoir, for possession of Dougal MacLaren, tenant in Blarliaragain in Deishoir, the latter only providing a fourth of a soldier though he has a son fit to enlist, while petitioner gave his only son, or, if not, for a croft in Ballemore
    22 Jan 1794 Open

    Details GD112/11/3/4/25
    Petition of Finlay MacNaughtan, tenant in Blarliaragain, for removal of one of his crofters to make a space for his mother, as he himself is 34 and intends to marry
    5 Mar 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/3/4/58
    Petition of James MacNaughtan, tenant in Blarliaragain in Deishoir, for an exchange with his neighbour, John MacNab alias MacLellan
    9 Mar 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/4/1/34
    Representation and petition of tenants of 8 merkland of Tirarthur, 5 merkland of Ballemore, 5 merkland of Tomachrocher, 5 merkland of Blarliaragain, 4 merkland of Kyltirie and 12½ merkland of Crannich, and their crofters 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/4/2/7
    Petition of Archibald McIntyre in Blarliaragain to retain his pendicle, applied for by John McDiarmid, weaver there
    19 Mar 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/4/2/42
    Petition of Finlay Clark in Croftintyan of Lawers for holding of Archibald MacIntyre on farm of Blarliaragain near petitioner’s lintmill
    14 Feb 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/4/2/80
    Petition of Donald Campbell, Finlay MacNaughtan and Donald MacLaren, tenants in easter half of farm of Blarliaragain, complaining that crofters keep more cows on their pasture
    25 Jun 1795 Open

    Details GD112/11/4/3/34
    Representation and petition of Dougal MacLaren, tenant in Blarliaragain in Deishoir
    27 Sep 1796 Open

    Details GD112/11/5/1/6
    Petition of Archibald Clark, lintmiller at Blarliaragain in Morinsh, for an addition to his holding to enable him to board his servants ‘without being obliged to run up and down the country to provide for them as he is at present’; points out that he supplied half a recruit while none of his neighbours did; wishes the additional ground to be between his house and the loch
    27 Nov 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/5/1/8
    Petition of Dougal MacLaren, tenant in Blarliaragain in Deishoir, to have possession on said farm occupied by Finlay MacNaughtan, as petitioner has learned that his possession has been granted that night to Donald MacIntyre, crofter in Crotfvellich
    18 Dec 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/5/1/40
    Representation and petition of Donald MacIntyre, late cottager in Tomachrocher in Deishoir, for a holding on farm of Blarliaragain from which was dispossessed by superior interest of Dougal MacLaren
    24 Nov 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/5/2/37
    Petition of John McLaren, tenant in Blarliaragain, to be continued
    20 Dec 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/6/2/59
    Petition of Patrick MacNaughtan, cottager in Blarliaragain, for a house and garden and holding for one or two cows out of mark or ploughgate of Ballemore occupied by Patrick MacVurich or MacPherson
    6 Feb 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/6/2/61
    Representation and petition of John McIntyre, crofter in Blarliaragain, Deshoir, for lot in outfields of said farm; offers to build a sufficient steading thereon
    5 Dec 1797 Open

    Details GD112/11/6/2/62
    Petition of Finlay MacNaughtan, tenant in Blarliaragain, for lot on farm of Rynachulig below the road as an exchange for his present possession, which is very much hurt by late division of farm
    28 Nov 1797 Open

    i hope this helps


    That’s interesting. Need to consider the changes in the names of places over the years. Deishoir…wonder where that is and Tomachrocher sounds a little close to a place I know.
    I would be fascinated with what you find in the archive.
    Anyone else have any other info?


    Hi Sunshine
    Thankyou so very much for that information.
    It’s interesting as my earliest Mclaren ancestor was Dugal Mclaren married to Mary MacMartin.
    They had amongst their children both of my ggg grandfathers, John b.1776 and Donald b.1793 (their children,cousins married).
    I’m hoping this is my Dugal.
    The Mclarens were there in the Mornish area right down to my g.grandad Dougald Mclaren b.1865.
    On the 1841 census as well as my McLaren ancestors in Blarlairgan there were also my 4th great grandparents in Edramucky who were John McGregor and his wife Christina (Campbell)
    It was as a young boy my grandad Thomas b.1905 who with his parents bought the shop and garage in Lochearnhead.
    Thankyou Sunshine for your help and you also Dolan.
    I live down here in Colchester Essex England and love learning more of my roots in Perthshire.


    Thank you Carol. Did you know that one of your family provided the funds for the Killin village hall? So you have helped answer my question of ‘Who’ is the MacLaren Hall, rather than the ‘What’ that some locals assumed!
    I am working on a database of local names, both family and places, so any further info you discover would be welcomed.


    Hi Dolan,
    I didn’t know that, I knew of McLaren Hall but I don’t know if it’s my line of Mclarens.
    I would love to be of help to you of names in the Killin area.
    I have census copies of my Mclarens ’41,’51,’61,’71,’81 1901 census which I can send to you plus birth,marriage death cetificates of my Mclarens plus people they married etc..I have collected certificates from my first Mclaren people down the lines as far as I am allowed to buy them from Scotlands people.
    The census returns have other names on them.
    Let me know ……….


    well, i went to nas today. I read all of Gillies, “in famed breadalbane” where he explains the origin of placenames:

    “Moreinsh – The big Meadow; from G Mor innis; a thirty merk land extending from Allt Tirarthur to Allt Edramhuchdaith (edramucky burn); an ancient possesion of the crown; Moreinsh was divided into the following lands:

    Blarliaragan – the moor of the grey meadows. A lint mill was erected on Blarliargan in 1790 near to the meal mill on Moreinsh Burn.

    Kiltyrie – the Nook of parching corn from the gaelic Cuil (nook) and tireadh. This derivation which Professor Watson gives, is borne out by another name on the farm. Glas Ghradan. The green of the parched corn; from gradan, corn hastily prepared for grinding by setting fire to the ears until the husks were burned. The grain thus hardened was ground into meal on the brath (hand mill). A rock on Edramucky was called Creag Dochart (the evil cleansing rock) Kiltyrie is a 4 merk land.

    Carwhin – The corrie of Cunna; G – Coire Chunna. This place gets its name from the saint who is commemorated at Cladh Chunna, at Invervar, Glenlyon. Carwhin was a twelve merk land and was divided into three portions, namely Wester Carwhin, Easter Carwhin and Carie. Wester Carwhin included Tom Odhar, the dun mound; Marg a Phuill, The Merk land of the mud or pool; Marg dubh, The black merk land; and Marg na h-ath, The Merk land of the lime kiln. Easter Carwhin comprehended Blar More, the big field; Croit a’ Bhealaich, The Croft of the pass; and Carwhin proper. Druim a’ bhaird, the Bairds ridge; and Blaran biotech, the pretty field are place names on carie. Professor Watson derives Carie from Cathar, mossy place. Eilean nam breban, The Island of the shoe or boot soles is off Wester Carwhin. Tom Mhorair, the mound of the great man, is a prominent knoll about half a mile about the publilc road. Behind it, Seumas Mor MacGhille Fhionntaig, the last smuggler on Lochtayside had his still. Tom na h-ulaidh, Mound of the hidden treasure; Creag ma Croiche, Rock of the gallows, is below the Gallow’s rock. The house of Carwhin occupied the site of the old farmhouse, now in ruins, on Blairmore, near Loch tayside. It is said that there was a paved road from the house to the shore. The graveyard of the district lay at the east side of Blairmore and is now enclosed in the wood.”

    The book is really good and it’s possible to buy a reprint of it on for £10-20.

    the book also has a wee map at the end, Blarliaragan, is about halfway between Morenish and Kiltyrie.

    this link should take you to a site where there is a map showing where Blarliargan is:

    copy paste that to your browser when the page loads, click where it says show map and you’ll see more clearly where it is.

    hope this helps 🙂


    Thankyou so very much for taking the time to do this for me!
    I will try to locate that book as it sounds interesting.
    It looks like Blarliargan is right on the riding school.
    When we have visited Killin my children have pony trekked from there up the mountain track.

    Thanks again Sunshine.

    All the best

    ,Alistair Ferguson

    Jimmy Gauld of Killin Gallery arranged some time ago last year to have the book reprinted and I am sure they still have stocks left , give them a call and support your local businesses



    Yes he did, had it in the window for a while. Watermill in Aberfeldy has it as well. Odd thing is you can get it a lot cheaper from Amazon.
    I wonder why?


    well alistair, Killin’s not local for me as i live in Fife, however, i really do feel very much at home in the area- so i suppose you’re right


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