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    Hi All,

    My husband and I currently live in Surrey, I am scottish and have wished to return home practically since I left Anyway looks like we have to chance to move. We had planned for oban but as things are working out we need to be further east as we love the outdoors we like the look of Killin but now need to investigate facilities etc for families. I would be very greateful for any advice or information you can provide and perhaps one day soon will be able to say thanks in person!

    I am pregnant and have an 18 month old. Are there places to take children in killin, e.,g. toddler groups, parks, or any other activities? the thing I liked about oban was the act there is a beach which makes entertaining children very easy so I am looking for something in Killin.

    Also are there many young families there? (i am not that young actually but the kids will be!!)

    Are there any environmental groups? I am having a career break but want to keep my skills up to date and so join any environmental groups going. Maybe even start up a transition town (anyone heard of these)?

    Are the schools ecoschools?

    Are there any nurseries?

    What are winters like there, bearing at mind Ill be at home with 2 small children most of the time (though I am self sufficent and not worried about it being too quiet) but is there much going on?

    I see there is a running club, what are the running routes like? I run during the week with my son in his pushchair, (offroader) would this be impossible there?

    Is it a freindly community for outsiders?

    Are there allotments or does anyone grow their own food there? Is local prodice a big thing?

    Sorry all these questions must be bizarre but it is always vetter to hear from people who live there rather than just read of web sites, although this website is fantastic and a huge help.

    Many thanks for any responses, I really appreicate it.

    ,Iain Campbell

    Check your mail,, i have resopnded to some of your questions



    i would dearly love to move to killin, im 54 disabled and have a son iain 9 and mum of course. any info ,help would be welcome, teddy mcnabb 22, arlbury road, northampton, nn3 8qj, thanking you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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