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    ,Mags Campbell

    Just a warning about a new bank scam. One of my colleagues has just been caught out. On 22nd October he received a call from the Bank of Scotland asking if he had received his new bank card. On saying “no” he was informed it should have arrived by now so the person he was talking to recommended he phone the number on the back of his existing card and let them know what had happened. The bank would then cancel the card in the post and issue another. He was busy and didn’t do it right away. They phoned back half an hour later to check if he had done it. At that time he did phone the bank card telephone number. These clever thieves must have been tapped into his home phone and re-routed the call. Thinking he was speaking to the bank he gave everything but his blood group. Within an hour they had applied on line for an overdraft of £4k and got it! Between Friday and today they have had a field day. This is a very clever and plausible scam. So be warned – it could be any bank’s name they use. Tell them to get lost.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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