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    hi, wondering if someone can help my uncle was born at parig- reach woods killin in 1917 does anybody know where abouts this is.
    cheers tommy


    would just like to add on an other certificate i have the birth place is paricroich probably same place diff spelling does anybody know where it is .


    Hi Claymore,
    Have just read both your notes and I think you are speaking about what we call in the village the Padacreach. This is the hill as you come out of Killin on the north Loch Tay road at the golf course, there are woods all along the road on the noth side and of course years ago there would probably have been even more. The nearest old habitation to the Padecreach is where the road dips down at the entrance to Finlarig where there is a house called Drumnalarig although years ago there would possibly have been even more cottages round about. I will need to get out my old maps and the book called “n Famed Breadalbane” where I may be abl to glean more info for you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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