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    Can we have a time for this event? is it all day (9-5), am, pm etc etc.

    BTW is Scottish Ecoligical Design and Architecture actually Scottish Ecological Design and Architecture or the Staff and Educational Development Association


    Hi Vic,

    Best bet is to contact Mr Dolan via the e-mail address that he has provided numerous times over this forum before taking his leave. These are all the details he provided and to be honest I personally want no more to do with him. If you find out timings I will gladly add these to the event.

    Thanks for the spelling correction, this event was sent to me early this morning and to be honest I copied and pasted!


    Big G


    Noticed a notice on a lamp post just now – looks like there are a number of events on in.

    The timing regarding the event in the McLaren Hall looks to me to be 10am – 4pm, don’t quote me! Quite hard time reading it curled around the post.

    It also said something regarding a ceilidh and some other events.

    Big G


    Okay, got me a copy of the poster.

    Friday 21 September 2007
    “Drink Scottish” – Beer and wine to taste
    Killin Hotel 6-9pm
    Ceilidh – Free Entry, Loch Tay Steamers
    Killin Hotel 9-11pm

    Saturday 22 September 2007
    “Local Food for Local Folk” – Farmers market, sustainable living, renewable energy, micro-power schemes, solar powered van, waste awareness, kids activities, music & theatre.
    McLaren Hall 10am-4pm.

    Environmental Action Killin (EAK) & the Loch Tay Food Chain
    For info: John Holland 01838 400524 or e-mail

    (With thanks to Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park)

    Big G

    ,Alistair Ferguson

    just wondering if Vic should now be called grand-dad vic seeing as he has a new addition to the family , ( see the paper shop window for photos)


    Thought I’d put in an informed tuppence-worth to help things along…..!

    The Rural Sustainability Event has been organised by EAK (Environmental Action Killin) in response to the Killin Community Action Plan Review, in which issues around sustainability, in particular local food initiatives, renewable energy and community micro-power, were highlighted as being issues the community wanted to progress. EAK have tried to respond to these issues by organising this event, in conjunction with Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and The Loch Tay Food Chain.

    The Friday night event is aimed at promoting Scottish beers and wines; there are now a huge number of these being produced all over Scotland and we are trying to encourage more take up of these products, rather than importing beer and wine from elsewhere. The event gives people the chance to sample some of the products available and thus make more informed choices. This runs from 6-9pm and after this there wil be a wee ceilidh, with music by the Loch Tay Steamers from 9-11pm (yes, this clashes with the dance in the hall, but that was unknown to us at time of hall booking and it means anyone who hasn’t got a ticket for the dance could come in for a birl). We need to be up with the lark for the next day so the early finish is by design!

    The Saturday event’s main focus is food; invitations were sent out to 96 Scottish food and drink producers and those who will be in attendance are those who were free to attend (the Scottish Farmer’s Market scene on Saturdays is getting pretty busy!) There will be a good mixture of stalls; beef, venison and pork producers, organic and local vegetables, herbs, handmade crisps and a BBQ using local meat, run by The Real Food Cafe.

    In addition, the Rural Sustainability Agenda is being catered for with stalls about: environmentally friendly soaps and cleaning materials, eco-building materials and techniques, biofuels, waste awareness, ethical purchasing, the Co-op’s fairtarde team, Killin’s natural environment and “the man with the solar-powered van”; Kerr McGregor is well-known (in relevant circles!) for his solar – power expertise; his van is solar powered, comes complete with wind-turbine and runs on biodiesel. He has a wee solar-powered train also which should interest the kids….and big kids!

    The core time for the Farmer’s Market runs from 10am – 2pm, although some may wish to stay on longer. Between 2-4pm there are workshop opportunities, mainly for kids but adults are welcome also. The Friends of the Earth “CREW” team have got things for kids to get embroiled in as do The Barrow Band, led by Malcolm le Maistre (Ex- Incredible String Band for anyone who remembers them); Malcolm runs the “Environmental Arts Theatre Company” and does a lot of work with schools and young folk helping educate them on environmental issues. His workshop on Saturday (I believe) is about fruit and vegetables and their origins; its interactive and gets everyone involved – informal and easy going.

    Killin Primary School are preparing something for the event – I’m unable to provide more clarity at present.

    Anyway, more detail than this would be excessive…….come along and see what happens – who knows?!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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