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    Being nosey, but why is it called a safari supper?
    Enlighten me please


    I honestly don’t know the exact reasons for the name and wouldn’t want to risk sounding dumb (again).

    Anybody else got an answer?

    Big G


    This may take some explaining but I will have a go. It gets its name from the fact that people travel from house to house for a three course meal. Hence “ GOING ON A SAFARI”. Folk volunteer to be hosts and depending how many do volunteer this dictates how many people can travel and partake of the hosts hospitality. Travellers go to one house for a starter then move onto another for a main course and then to another for a sweet. Some hosts take 4 guests and others take six of even eight depending on the size of their house. It means that different people meet at each house and is an excellent way of meeting others in the village over a meal and glass or SEVERAL glasses of wine. You never meet the same people twice.
    The guests who have difficulty in walking to their next house are conveyed by cars manned by volunteer drivers
    This means then that each host caters for a three course meal with wine. The travelling people pay £15 per ticket and the hosts cover the costs of the meal and wine.
    The money from the tickets goes to charity or village projects.
    At the end of the evening the people who have been on “walk about” and hosts all meet up at a local hotel for coffee and/or a dram or two.

    I will finish this by saying that it is an excellent evening and great credit MUST go to MARION MCRAE and ELIZABETH WOODS who organise the function. It takes a VAST amount of organisation and should be appreciated by all. THANKS TO YOU BOTH.

    I hope the above is a fair explanation of what goes on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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