SS"Spirit of the Tay" and railway ?

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    ,shuggy spicer

    Hello all

    Does anyone know what happened to the plans to restore a steamer service from Killin on Loch Tay with the newly built steam ship “Spirit of the Tay” ? I know there were some issues about her design/build spec between her builders and prospective operators. Anyone know more ?

    Also, in conjunction with the above, what happened with the plan to partly restore the rail link between the village (at the old station site) and Loch Tay Pier to connect with the steamer service ? Again, anyone know any more ?

    Hugh / Shuggy

    ,Iain Campbell

    Hi Shug,

    The steam boat sadly is still on the shore of the loch at Delerb near to Kenmore. As you know the legal wrangle with the shipbuilders over the welding still on going as far as i know…It’s so sad to see the hull sitting, and i for one want to see her sail.. However from the site you can sail the loch on a boat brought in as a stop gap whilst this saga drags on…. As for the railway line side if the profect, it was kicked into touch a long time ago….I would have loved to see a train running from Killin to the pier again, i can still remember the “Pug” before the line was closed in the 1960’s
    The village i am not sure was behind the project in the first place. Killin just don’t want anything that would make us more attractive for visitors, we have it all already!!!!!!!, We don,t need to get any busyer, hotels guest houses, B&B are overflowing all year round , new shops ore opening up weekly!!!! Aye like hell!! Welcome to Killin “God’s waiting Room”

    Back down from my soap box:lurvey11:
    I really just love the place, could not think of a better place to be.

    Iain (KWS) :smilinem:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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