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    Oh Dear!
    Don’t tell me you’ve found something else to point it at?
    Gregor, its good to know you are still Big G!
    You coming to the Loch Tay Food Chain meeting by any chance?


    How did I know that there would be a sarcastic post coming after uploading the image?

    As the image states, we are only upgrading the hardware.

    My name is still Gregor.

    I wont be coming to the meeting. According to the Calendar you are having a meeting on the Thursday and the Friday, is this correct?



    Just a little friendly banter Gregor. You know how much I love the webcam :Happy:
    The Food Chain meeting is on the Thursday. Not sure how it ended up on the Friday listing, maybe because it is shown as finishing at midnight, or maybe I just filled in the form wrong. Anyway if you could move the Friday entry to the Thursday I would be grateful.


    What a fantastic improvement to the webcam image!!! Presume a new camera? If so what camera have you used?


    Aye, new camera, its a Swann Bullet Camera. Got good reviews in a few magazines and it is obviously worlds apart from the previous two cameras.

    But now having problems with my main PC, playing with the sata disks tonight ended with me removing the small plastic connector on the actual motherboard, not once, but twice on two different ports. Not a happy bunny.

    So just scouring the net to try to find an old socket 754 moby to replace the knackered one with enough on board sata ports for my disks. Got my eye on a ASUS K8V-XE, but that would mean upgrading the graphics card from an AGP to PCI-E at the same time. Looks like my only option though.

    Webcam will be off TFN or until my new mobo arrives.

    Big G


    Yes that’s much better Gregor. Well done.
    I have an old AGP graphics card you can have if it’s of any use. Not sure of its spec – think it may be a S3 Savage clone, but it works and it’s free to a good home.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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