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    ,hamish snape

    Big.G,I was wondering if you have made any progress with anyone who knew my family, or the peopal who now own Braval farm.I know that it was sold to lord
    Dundee after my granmother past away,and that whoever got it was going to try and get it back to what it was.I would like to find out how they went.
    Hope tohere from you soon. Hamish.

    ,Iain Campbell


    I sent you a e,mail with some datails, did you not get it?

    Iain (Killin Web Site)

    ,hamish snape


    not as yet, I’ll give it a wee while to account for time difference.

    If i don’t get it, I’ll let you know. Hamish.

    ,hamish snape

    sorry Iain, no E-mail has come as yet could you try again please.Hamish

    ,Iain Campbell

    Hello Hamish

    I remember Arthur and May MacMaikain, in the 60’s the stayed at Glen Ogle head in the railway cottages and had 3 Kids, Donald, Jean and Billy, they moved up to Crianlarich and Arthur worked on the Railway until he retired. He died year’s ago but May is still alive but in a care home around Stirling.. Jean and Billy I still see from time to time, Jean is around Falkirk, Billy, Glasgow and Donald over in Fife somewhere…Last year I put a cousin from England in touch with them again. Can’t remember the name (Louise Topp???? I think) Braval is still occupied and cant really be seen from the main road anymore because of all the trees…………Hope this helps a wee bit…

    Iain KWS

    ,hamish snape

    Thank you Iain.
    I know that Arthur is dead,it was 1985.May was out here in 1988 with Arthur’s
    brother’s wife,[Donald’s called Shand]she past away a few day,s after getting home.I’ve seen in the guestbook[312] Arthur’s son’s [Donald] girl,Victoria was looking for a Louise Totty or tottie,was that the one you mean?.I’ve never met Vicky as she was not born when I was there,her dad was only 5year’s old last time I saw him in 1965,and Vickt’s E-mail address is in Northern Ireland,I believe her mum and dad split afew year’s ago .The last time I saw the tree’s at Braval they where about four or five feet tall they must be big now.
    Thank’s again Iain, your pal down-under,Hamish.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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