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    ,Helen MacGregor

    Merry Christmas from Sunny Australia (sorry!!! since we know what your weather is doing right now) but just want to know why you removed that wonderful webcam from your site – we used to enjoy seeing what the weather was like and what was happening in Killin – will you be putting it back any time soon? – anyway Merry Christmas to Aunty Ginge (Campbell) and cousin Mags and Fiona and Willie Inglis from Helen and Glen MacGregor and Family in OZ

    ,Mags Campbell

    I must be the only person from Killin that’s not bothered about the webcam. Now that it’s not there my relatives can’t keep such tabs on me and ask where I’ve been every time my car moves! Got no mains water tonight. Been like that all day it seems. Very odd as the flat above has water. Plumber coming tomorrow. Still got water in the internal storage tank but having to stay off the loo as long as possible! Too much information says Cousin Helen! Merry Christmas to everyone and love to Meg when you next see her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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